1. It will be mandatory for all the candidates to register themselves 48 hours before the commencement of examinations of that particular course.
    2. The candidate will be required to login his/her account 20 minutes before the commencement of examinations.
    3. The candidate will not be allowed to login his/her account after 30 minutes of the commencement of examinations.

  1. Kurukshetra University has started the registration process for the candidates who intend to appear in the examinations through online mode at the portal for online conduct of examinations for UG/PG examinations beginning from 10th August 2021 onwards. All the ELIGIBLE students whose roll numbers have been made available on the university website may start their registration process at https://kukonlineexam.com/ and cross check their details viz. name, father’s name, subjects opted etc. by them. For any correction related with the wrong subjects, the candidates may contact the concerned result branch well in time.

  2. If there is any type of discrepancy of candidates, email at rollnoenquiry@kuk.ac.in

  3. This online examination is conducted with live monitoring & recording.

  4. The candidate opting online mode shall have to arrange hardware of required specifications (Desktop/Laptop/Android Mobile/Tablet with good camera) and high speed internet (Minimum 512 Kbps) on its own. The candidate will ensure that they have the proper Internet connectivity for the whole duration of the Examination (appx 4 hrs).

  5. Ensure proper lightning in the room so that the pictures captured during the exam are not blurred.

  6. The candidate shall be responsible for functioning of hardware and internet. No claim will be considered for malfunctioning of hardware/failure of internet or uploaded blurred (Non Readable) images/pages.

  7. The candidate is required to write answers on A4 size (specimen attached) pages and is required to upload their Answer Sheet in single PDF / JPG format (individual images one by one) on online examination portal.

  8. The Answer Sheet must not exceed 36+1 pages.

  9. It is notified that only the PDF of the Answer Sheet uploaded on University Online Examination Portal will be considered and evaluated. No hard copy or email will be considered.

  10. The candidates are not allowed to leave his/her position in front of camera during entire duration of examination except in case the student has completed his/her paper. Any movement or doubtful activity will be considered as Unfair Mean Case. Since, movements are recorded and monitored.

  11. The Candidate shall follow all the instructions available and fill all the requisite information on online portal before start of examination.

  12. Disconnection/Disappearances during the online examination will also not be allowed. All such kind of activities of the candidates will be treated as use of Unfair Means Cases.

  13. No battery or power related issues during examination duration will be considered as any excuse for time relaxation.


  1. Candidate must charge the laptop/android smart phone well in advance to last for at least 4 hours.

  2. Candidate must be seated with a wall as the background.

  3. Candidate must have a valid Identity proof i.e. Adhar Card, Driving License etc. ready at the time of test.

  4. Candidate must check the power plugs.

  5. Candidate must ensure that proper internet connectivity is available on your laptop/desktop/smart phone.

  6. Candidate must make sure that camera of his/her system is working properly.

  7. Photograph clicked/images scanned must of good quality.

  8. Candidate must ensure proper lightning in the room.

  9. The room must be as quiet as possible. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.

  10. Candidate must have a transparent water bottle on the table before start of exam as he/she will not be allowed to leave the test screen during exam.

  11. Position the device in such a way that the front camera captures your face properly and you can sit for 3-4 hours to take up the examination conveniently without moving the device.

  12. While capturing your photo, ensure no objects/obstacles are behind you.


  1. Do not try to navigate from the main screen. Doing so will automatically terminate your exam.

  2. Do not try to open any other application simultaneously. Doing so will automatically terminate your exam.

  3. You are not allowed to talk to anyone while your exam is being conducted, as Real Time Monitoring is being done by the University Proctors.

  4. You are not allowed to use any electronic device except(laptop/desktop/smart phone/scanner/camera) or other material on the day of exam. If found, then it will be considered for cancellation of your exam.

  5. Do not try to cover your camera or unplug the external camera from the system.

  6. You are not allowed to start the test from multiple devices at a time. It will be again in the notice of proctor and your exam will be cancelled.

  7. There must be no disturbance in the surroundings.

  8. You must not use headphones, ear buds, ear Bluetooth devices or any other type of listening equipment.

  9. You must not leave the room for any reason during exam.

  10. You must not communicate with any person by any means during the exam.

  11. Do not cover your face with Hair, clothing (mask), hands or anything else.

  12. Do NOT take photos, screen shots, hear audio or record videos of the examination and then share it with others during the online examination. A remote proctor would watch such unwanted activities. If found doing such activities, it will be treated as malpractice/Unfair Means Cases.

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